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Kundalini Dragon

Having command of both our internal negative and positive forces and cultivating the Tao, gives us the complete circuit of power to activate the huge potential of psychic Kundalini energy and force coiled at the base of the spine, to unite the conditioned temporal and the unconditioned Primordial Spirit, through microcosmic orbit energy circulation, microcosmic orbit meditation and Kundalini central channel chakra meditation, followed by the vivid and electric power of witnessing all phenomena without interference or judgement.

When we have this foundational practice the opportunity for the Kundalini Dragon to rise presents itself and when it does the six harmonies happen in which the body harmonizes with Qi, the vital energy; the vital energy harmonizes with the heart-mind; the heart-mind harmonizes with the mind of intention; the mind of intention harmonizes with the unconditioned universal intelligence; the unconditioned intelligence harmonizes with the absolute oneness and omnipresence of the cosmic void state, which is the very ground of existence, unifying the cosmic void, mind, energy and action into one whole unit and creating the most powerful unified state possible. In this state emptiness and action unite, freeing the consciousness from its conditioned prison house and allowing it to enter and exit the conditioned temporal and the unconditioned Primordial state at will.

The mysterious gate cannot be opened as a result of will and effort, or through the mind’s occult intention-power, but when it has the required foundation and relaxes totally, a state becomes available where the thinking, dreaming, concentrating, contemplating, meditating, mind goes into abeyance and the consciousness merges into the absolute oneness and omnipresence of the cosmic void.

In this state the ‘I’ consciousness does not move at all because it is merged with entirely with the body, its animating energy, heart-mind, intention-mind, unconditioned awakened mind and the supreme all-pervading transcendental intelligence, that is present as the manifestation and the source, in every form as one whole unity.

Energy is the mind’s power to act. Energy has no movement separate from its director, which is the mind. What the director thinks and feels, energy produces in the physical structure and in its environment, so our situation physically, mentally and emotionally and in our environment is created by the conditioned structure of the mind.

When a powerful internal or external energy is encountered, it is the mind’s conditioning that sees it as positive, or negative and it manifests the intensity, the effect that is felt and the action that is taken as a reaction to its programming.

Because the conditioned mind mechanically reacts to the energies it feels through its imposed programming, it does not realize that it can be the sole transformer and director of both internal and external negative and positive energies whether they come from disease, voluntary or involuntary emotions, psychological praise, attack, or suffering in self or others, without reacting to an imposed programming that is either beneficial or detrimental to the entire physical organism according to the situation encountered and how it is programmed to react to it.

When we realize that we can absorb both negative and positive energy, transform it into vital force in our self and direct it in whatever way we choose, then when we do not want to do something, that energy can become the unit of propulsion to do it, just by realizing and applying the mind’s dormant intention-power.

When we realize that we have this intention-power to transform and redirect energy and we apply it, then the stronger the resistance, the more energy there is available. It is then that we can change the entire physical organism, our life and circumstances and we can turn the deeply conditioned ‘no don’t’ cells into ‘yes do’ cells, with our own intention-power.

Every single thought, emotion, desire and primal urge has a tremendous potential of energy that can be cultivated, transformed into vitality and used for all our daily activities.

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