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The matrix has you

I volunteer tangents.
You sit in class.
The matrix has you;
dragging a bag of lonely remnants.
Infectious and dangerous.
Walking uphill, trying to get down.
Numb enough to deny the sin pins and evil needles that’ve punctured.

Getting sick is not enough for you to see that you are unwell.
I Burn vertical.
Absorbing attention is a must.
The angels who never hit bad notes are like spirals flowing.
Always moving, but never in a straight line.
Dense and heavy spreads, like either you drink it all up, or sink in it.
Fill the empty space and then breakthrough.

In order to become lighter and stay above the trap that is this dense reality,
let go of things to hold on to.
Eat simple and healthy, so that digestion is easy but nutritious.
Live free and without desire.
Forget loss or gain, being picky and choosy is
choosing ‘this’ over ‘that’, when both are transient.
Realize your life is only bait for bigger fish.

Encased inside the gauntlet’s hunger quotas;
break free by running the gauntlet, aware.
Face the test, forge the spirit.
All this killing time, are you strong enough to stand,
perfecting body, heart, and mind?

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