Three treasures

When we exhale this breath, we do not know if we will breathe in again.
The wise do not lose time, the brave do not think twice! IF you get to know The Way today,
you should set to work this very day; when you know, that is when to start.
If you say you do not have the leisure today, and will wait for another day,
I’m afraid that when you want to do it you wont be able to anymore.

Human beings have three treasures, vitality, energy, and spirit. When the mind and
breathing rest on each other, then the spirit stabilizes. Energy is not to be drained casually,
forget words and keep centered and energy is not drained. Vitality is not to be lost through leakage;
recirculate vitality to replenish the brain, and vitality does not leak.

By moderating food and drink you can replenish your stomach. By being careful of your
speech you can replenish your lungs. By stopping worry, you can replenish your heart.
By getting rid of anger you can replenish your liver.
By stopping promiscuous lust, you can replenish your kidneys and generative organs.
When sensory data is not objectivized, the sense organs have no partners to rely on.
Don’t worry about not replenishing; beware of replenishing and then wasting again.
After a hundred days of replenishment you do not see excess,
but after one day of waste you sense insufficiency.


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