Knowledge is just a commercial. It advertises what we want. We chase what we know.

What’s left to chase when you forget knowledge?

Empty your cup. Become realized, and wisdom breaks through as understanding,
directly and spontaneously. Knowledge is imperfect,
as it is memory of information interpreted. How can knowledge perfectly
interpret information when memory is not perfect in its acuity, nor eidetic in terms of recollective capability?
Even if this were possible, knowledge itself lacks a certain creativity. There is no true expression of
intelligence gracefully, unless knowledge is completely let go. The uncarved block has the most potential
to become anything. This can be interpreted in more than one way.

We must deconstruct the entire process. Sex, consumption of food, physical activity,
emotional activity, speech, and mental activity.

See the space that is not defined.
A space of just being, before anything;
dispassionate and objectively realized. Aware on a sensitive level seemingly above consciousness.
Not moved from the center, all is noticed without surprise or alarm. No disturbance can reach the center
at this point. Not caught in any of the centers, able to move freely from sexual, physical, emotional,
mental, and to super-conscious Wu-wei. IT becomes naturally, taking form or becoming of use when needed in any way, in any of the energy centers.


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